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The Grasshopper Spiritual Meaning


Brothers and Sisters,

Please make sure you read my other blog titled The Language Of The Boundless as a follow up to this article. I went a bit more in to detail here about Animal Spiritual Meanings, Omens, and number sequences. I AM sure you will find more meaning with the provided information =D

Enjoy In Joy,

Three day’s ago I had a visitor come to my place of residence to bring me a message about where I AM at in life and what direction I AM heading. The picture above is the visitor who brings me a great Omen that I had to share. Above is an image of the FL grasshopper who happens to be really BIG! This guy is really super and so I had to research what it means. Turns out he has made himself at home and still continues to live here since his arrival. Doing a quick search through Google I find that it is one of the greatest symbols of good fortune! I AM not surprised since great advancements have been working out for me and Concentric Clothing. As I write this post in my linai he is actually moving which I have not yet seen since he booked his stay at my place. Very cool!

Here is the spiritual meaning that I found that I would like to share just in case any of you come in to contact with one or your spiritual journey.

Grasshopper Symbolism — The grasshopper is associated with astral travel. They have the ability to leap through time and into space where the true mysteries of life exist. People with this medicine have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles efficiently and are able to jump into successful ventures without preparation or planning. When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. This can represent a change in location, relationships, career or just in the way we perceive ourselves.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward….not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world. Grasshopper’s ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why he is also a symbol of your inner voice. he could be telling you to trust yours.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_is_the_spiritual_meaning_of_grasshoppers#ixzz1PI5PQLue


  • is it bad or good that i found a grasshopper in my dress crawling on my back and on my tummy (im pregnat) and squished it with out knowing what it was. it was still moveing when i put it back outside.

    • Patricia,
      I don’t know how bad it could be for you…. but for the grasshopper, it doesn’t seem like it was to good for it. I researched this information on the web it made sense to me to post this experience so that others can benefit from it as well. Remember this is just an interpretation from someone else perception however it does have symbolic history.

      I noticed your words; “is it bad or good…” My question to you is: How does that experience make you feel?

      • Ok so I read ur first post and curious.as to maybe.yu kno.why all of.a.sudden for the pst.few days.there are grasshoppers all over my.front door steps and right there on only that part of my porch.? They have never been there.before and they.scare the.crap outta me.!? Lol.

  • i researched the meaning of grasshoppers today because seemingly out of no where, I grasshopper landed on top of my keyboard in my home office. This was just after things had settled down after a whirlwind morning of fixing a big financial mistake my daughter had made in her checking account.

    I also have been aggressively working on a business move for the past month in hopes of increasing my finances, but as with anything new, it makes me feel a little anxious.

    When the grasshopper fell on my keyboard, I knew it must be a sign of something! I’m very spiritual and was happy to read that the meaning was right in line with where my life is right now.

    Just another little boost to let me know that things will be ok.
    I already know I’m protected and guided by my faith, so this is alittle extra sign.

    thanks for sharing!

    • Dar,

      That’s really awesome to read! When I first saw the grasshopper and how it stayed with me for almost a week I was really amazed myself. About 2 weeks ago I walked outside to the side of my house to read my electric meter (I don’t know why) and on my way back inside noticed a baby grasshopper in my driveway staring directly at me. lol I caught it and set it free in my back yard where the grass is tall and plant life is abundant.

      Thank You for your comment =)

  • I just moved to Oklahoma about 4 days ago to be with my birthmother. I’ve been extremely homesick and I’ve been planning a way to get a trip back to my home state in Massachusetts. I miss my friends and family there so getting adjusted has been difficult for me. Today a huge black grasshopper landed on my shirt when I was outside. I thought it had jumped off, so I went back inside and took my shirt off to change into another one since it was dirty from being outside. I left for a bit again and then came into my room. I was feeling depressed and upset, and I saw the grasshopper on my bedroom floor. I believe in good omens, but I’m not sure what to make of this appearance. Did the grasshopper realize my sadness and was it trying to tell me that everything will be ok?

    • Erin,

      Thank you for writing to me and talking on this post. It’s a very interesting story that you wrote and I will do my best to answer your question. As stated above, when the grasshopper enters into your life it’s affirming that you have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles efficiently and are able to jump into successful ventures without preparation or planning. You mentioned “I’ve been extremely homesick and I’ve been planning a way to get a trip back to my home state in Massachusetts.” The grasshopper could be your omen to move forward because you are ready to do so even if fear resides within you.

      If you paid attention to your thoughts you could understand why you felt depressed. You said “I left for a bit again and then came into my room. I was feeling depressed and upset, and I saw the grasshopper on my bedroom floor.” You were in a certain thought pattern and again another message. Whether it be the same grasshopper or it’s relative you were aware of it. That’s the most important part you have to realize with the understanding that everything happens for a reason. As stated above; (it could be a sign that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you.) Moving forward does not necessarily mean leaving the state. It could mean… think differently and change your thought patterns.

      I’m am not sure the grasshopper is telling you anything because it’s all how you want to view or perceive the message. You can look at it in a positive light or it’s exact opposite…darkness. However, your response to this post clearly defines that you are unhappy not just where you are located but from within you. Please realize that it is your choice to feel a certain way as well as your choice to entrain whatever thoughts come into your mind. You can accept or reject any thought or emotion in an instant. You are not a slave to any of it. In fact, you are much bigger then all thoughts and emotions. You create the reality around you based off of those 2 gifts that you were born with.

      You asked. Did the grasshopper realize my sadness and was it trying to tell me that everything will be ok? And now I ask… Did you realize your sadness and did you make an effort to let yourself know that everything will be ok? This is more important because it’s the conversation that you have with yourself that will produce the answer. All great books note that if you want to find [happiness, Love, God, intuition, success, joy, peace, Heaven, nirvana, bliss] to look within. Just be quite and silent, maybe learning to meditate will be your answer as it will help you to develop control of the body, mind, and emotions.

      Lets not just look at this as an external situation. It’s not were you live, or the missing of friends and family that bothers you most. It’s much deeper and it stems from a place of abandonment. A fear of losing close connection to loved ones. A fear of having to start over which brings discomfort when it should bring excitement to explore and grow. An old Mexican that I once met that had gold teeth and gold all over his body told me that; YOU MAY HAVE PLANS IN LIFE… BUT LIFE ULTIMATELY HAS PLANS FOR YOU.

      This is where belief and faith comes in, from within. Believing within yourself that no matter the situation, you will come out on top. You will achieve greatness and express tons of Love. “In the end… it always works out.”

      Good luck my friend and I connected with you on FB as well. Love and Light I wish you the best.

      BTW maybe the grasshopper was a good sign for you… It caused you to search and to get in touch with me. Remember this is just information to you. I am not suggesting you do anything with it but it is your responsibility to label it as truth or false information. If it vibrates with you…. good. If it doesn’t…. good =D Move forward grasshopper

      Also check out my post that will help you ride your life within minutes of negative emotions… It takes only 10 minutes and is absolutely free. It’s called EFT =)

  • I have had numerous encounters with grasshoppers over the past year. My life has changed tremendously over the last 3 years. My husband passed away, I quit my job, I lost my house and started a new relationship! It has been very scary for me to transform my life. I’ve learned to let go of material things and to live a simple, happy life. I have decided to follow my long term yearning to pursue my artwork rather than struggle with a high pressure job in order to keep the house and everything that goes with it.

    What I am getting to is that Grasshoppers have confirmed all my decisions. My first experience was with the grasshopper that was on the ground at my feet on the day I had decided to scatter my husband’s ashes in the river. It was in the middle of November and in the mountains. Grasshoppers in the cold weather? I knew at this time that it was a sign.

    My second encounter was in a very vivid dream. I dreamed I had a pet grasshopper that was just like a little dog. It followed me everywhere. I absolutely adored it. My late husband appeared in the dream and killed the grasshopper-he pulled it apart. I woke up screaming and crying. After some research on grasshopper symbolism I interpreted the dream. It was all about my late husband trying to hold me back and not letting me go on in my life. Grasshoppers leap forwards not backwards. This dream has stayed with me.

    My third encounter was last night. I had just come home from signing the final papers for the short sale of my house. There was Grasshopper sitting on top of one of the moving boxes!
    He confirmed my choice of leaping forward!! I couldn’t believe it! I suspect that Grasshopper is my animal totem!

    Thanks for reading this long story!

    • Deb,

      That is a very interesting story. You know during this time that I wrote this last post up until now I have seen a total of 3 more. What made this post so special to me is that the grasshopper that you see above was actually living at my house for a week. It amazed me and then one day it disappeared. Soon after it leave I find another one and then another. I’m not sure what is/has been attracting them to my place of rest but a good friend of mine mentioned that when a home has good energy it will also attract certain bugs.

      Regardless this is a great message and to receive it more then once is a blessing depending on how you view it. Grasshoppers also me that they will eat all of your crops if you farm. So that view/experience of the grasshopper can be a negative depending on the perception.

      As with everything I read and come across I view/perceive it as just information. It if rings even the slightest bit of truth within me I flow with it and allow it to flow through me. If it doesn’t then I dismiss it and move on =D

      Love and Light to you my friend and thank you for everything you have done. Your contribution to this post and ordering a Tee makes me happy to see that greatness and other Lightworkers support the lifestyle I have built. I look forward to connecting with you more and hearing more responses to my blogs.

      Enjoy in Joy,

      • Hi!
        I live in a semi- high rise apartment and I’m on the 11th floor.
        I’ve just finished cleaning the window blinds and I’ve opened the windows to let fresh air into my study room – a place I write, read and work. Continuing my cleaning chores into the living room, I returned to find a huge green grasshopper on the window blinds. I tried to flick it out of the window but it came inside my study instead. I don’t know what to do with this little active green leaper!

        But what is bizarre is that I’m actually planning to sell my place to lock in some profits. I’m half hearted at the moment because I really love my current place. I’m also selling it to enable me to get a new nest which will allow me to dabble into interior designing again, something i love. At the same time, a few things are changing into life .. I’m trying to move my wellness n creativity coaching forward…and my boyfriend is moving from Europe to be with me. Is this grasshopper a sign, a messenger? If yes, what message is it bringing forth?

        Any words of wisdom welcomed!

  • I had a dream that a grasshopper was crawling toward my baby……then when I woke up, I was lying on my bed, looking out the window and a huge grasshopper was crawling up the roof of the house! This has piqued my interest and would like to know what it means!

  • I have had a grasshopper staying with me lately, it seems to follow me, last night it jumped on my right shoulder, and i told my son of it this morning and he said ” the one on your bed ” laughing, he said its been in your room for at least a week but it jumped on me on the couch last night, i thought it was only in the kitchen but it seems to be following me….
    I have been on my own 10 years this febuary and money at times has been scarce, i am hoping for a nice change, and i have only been in this very old home for a month and was wondering wether the house is right for us, but you said in a previos letter they come in if the energy is good so at least that has eased my mind..
    So what should I make of my new friend?

  • That’s a fun question Lee. I would personally make it feel at home =D is my answer, since it is your guest.

    And if you feel that the meaning to the grasshopper is there to provide you with good fortune, then give it the same hospitality as you would to a man who is about to offer you a chest of gold.

    Remember: money worries are temporary… Prosperity is forever yours =D

    • That’s a fun question Lee. I would personally make it feel at home =D is my answer, since it is your guest.

      And if you feel that the meaning to the grasshopper is there to provide you with good fortune, then give it the same hospitality as you would to a man who is about to offer you a chest of gold.

      Remember: money worries are temporary… Prosperity is forever yours =D

  • Hi,

    I had the same experience as you – I am in the process of recovering from one of the worst times of my life. Everything fell apart and I felt like I had lost myself. The other day I walked into the living room and there was this huge grasshopper with the longest antennae. Usually I am afraid of things which can make sudden movements – ie jumping suddenly – but with this grasshopper I felt no fear. I took some photos close ups even and he seemed to be looking at me. I went to bed and the next day he was in the same place, and has been roaming around the house since. Tonight I was watching a movie when he came up onto the couch and came towards me. It reminded me of when a pet jumps up for a cuddle. But him being a grasshopper I didnt do that… I got up and he went right to where I had been sitting and stayed there. My housemate seemed to think he wanted to go outside so we captured him and put him on the balcony… I know this sounds irrational but now I feel bad. Have I just got rid of/offended a good omen?

    • Nelly,

      I’m not sure what to say to this. Most people look outside of themselves as a way for answers and such. I don’t believe there is such a thing as getting rid of/offending an omen. An omen is something that is noticed in the present which gives clue to an answer within a moment in your life. What you do with the lesson and or clue is entirely up to you. What you make of it is what you keep dear. Make sense?

      Perspective is everything.

      How you see something is different within everybody. As an example; you view a flower as beautiful but I view the flower as ugly. Regardless the flower is still a flower neither beautiful or ugly. It’s neutral which can be considered as ‘Just is.’ This implies that in “reality” it is not even a flower. The name flower is what we give this entity in order to communicate it’s description with others in conversation. Yes! A grasshopper is a grasshopper but over many years and in many traditions dating as far back as one could imagine, the recognition or awareness of such a creature is considered good energy or a good omen. That was the declaration…

      I would advise you to look at it in a positive light. Consider it a message from heaven and take it as that. This would be my advice… You could view its opposite but why? when like attracts like.

      Enjoy in Joy,

  • where does the grasshopper gets it energy

  • I have been seeing a bunch of grasshoppers in my house. I know its not the same one. What could this mean??

  • It 5am have a little bitty. Grasshopper green one crawling up an down my arm does it symbloise anything? I need all the luck I can get, he won’t jump off or anything he is just chilling? Maybe he is telling me to listen to my instincs? Idk but its pretty cool I have never had one chill on me like it is doing…any feedback would be awesome

  • this morning a big brown grasshopper was just sitting in my living room. i have been going through some real had times and i have to leave where am presently living, but with no where to go. the grasshopper jumped onto one of my moving boxes, do u think thats a sign? i can do with all the luck i can get!

    now after reading the different post on your blog, am worried because i opened the front door n shued it out. Did i run the luck that was coming to me?

    is it assured that this grasshopper means the times are changing for a good? yep e!!!!,, i pray n pray for my life to get a better out look.

    • Nikki,

      Sorry it took me so long to answer to this posting. To answer your question, I ask you not to worry. You received the omen and then let it go, continue on with life. Most people spend too much time worrying, causing them to miss other clues that are happening right NOW under their noses. These clues give direction at every moment of you life. Clear the EGO mind and let it be.

      Remember the Beatles song “Let It Be?” The lyrics are;

      “When I find myself in times of trouble
      Mother Mary comes to me
      Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
      And in my hour of darkness
      She is standing right in front of me
      Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
      Let it be, let it be
      Let it be, let it be

      Whisper words of wisdom, let it be”

      No thing is ever assured so do not hold attachment to the grasshopper and the meaning. See it for what it is, understand it and move on. You searched the internet and found my posting… bless you. You found your answer, yet your questions pose doubt. Doubt of any kind brings you out of harmony with you true self. It takes all things Love and transfers it over to fear. It’s Egoism at best but please do not trust this limited Ego mind.

      Your life will always become better then what it was. Hindsight is 20/20 and as you look back you can see all the crap you went through, trials & tribulations, yet you made it out of the darkest of dark hours. Yes some paths and lessons were longer then others but today you are still alive and still able to create a better NOW, which ultimately sows the seed of an amazing future.

      Just remember these words if you are ever struggling,

      In the end… it always works out =D


  • Yesterday when I left work, I saw a grasshopper on my car and thought I had shooed him off because I didn’t want him to jump off my car while I was driving and get injured. Well much to my surprise he was still on my car when I got to the gas station and stayed on my car the whole time, until I got home (I live less than 3 miles from work). So today I googled to see if there was any “secret meaning to grasshoppers” and came across your page. What perfect timing! I was offered a new position at work and have been uneasy about my decision to accept it or not and the last couple days I’ve been more confident about accepting it and not worrying so much and you’re page just made me feel so much better!

    Thanks! :)

    • I have had this same experience. In late 2007 I was going to work around 3:30 am and there was a green grasshopper sitting on the roof of my car. I ignored it and drove about 2 blocks up the road to a gas station to fill up. When I got out the grasshopper was still on the roof of my car. So I payed for my gas, filled up, and ignored it. Then I hit the interstate and drove about 5 miles to work. The entire time I was doing 75mph. When I arrived at work the grasshopper was still on the roof of my car. Now at that point it was a bit odd to me. So I didn’t bother it, I just went in to work. At that time my job was delivering news papers so I had to get all my papers together which took me about an hour and a half. When I returned to my car with the papers the grasshopper was still on the roof of my car. I was rather amazed to say the least. But I had work to do, so I drove another 5 miles to the area I delivered my papers. And the grasshopper was still on the roof of my car. Towards the end of my delivery which usually took me two hours, the grasshopper walked down the windshield of my car as I was driving. I was sorta weirded out so I had an urge to turn on the windshield whipper and knock it off, but I didn’t. So it proceeded down my windshield and flew away. I don’t know what it was about, never been superstitious nor read much into grasshoppers but a few months later my life got extremely complicated.

  • Yesterday when I left work, I saw a grasshopper on my car and thought I had shooed him off because I didn’t want him to jump off my car while I was driving and get injured. Well much to my surprise he was still on my car when I got to the gas station and stayed on my car the whole time, until I got home (I live less than 3 miles from work). So today I googled to see if there was any “secret meaning to grasshoppers” and came across your page. What perfect timing! I was offered a new position at work and have been uneasy about my decision to accept it or not and the last couple days I’ve been more confident about accepting it and not worrying so much and you’re page just made me feel so much better!

    Thanks! :)

  • I seen a grasshopper in my kitchen. I admit, I got a little scared. So, I killed it. I’m terrified of bugs. I then looked up the meaning on google. After reading this I feel bad for killing the spider, but with all the problems going on in my life its very uplifting. No matter what it meant. Do you write any poems or books? I would love to read if so

    • Whitnee,

      “With all the problems going on in my life its very uplifting.”
      No one has problems, we only have challenges. Remember this please. Challenges can be accomplished while problems are very doom and gloom with no means to an end.

      I do have some poetry and I AM writing a blog on my pilgrimage which is happening right now.

      Visit me on AJourneyInALifetime.com

      Here is a poem I wrote not to long ago call,

      MY MUSE

      Your beauty is my inspiration
      A perfect memory in the spirit of Love.
      Your the deepest and truest of emotions
      Reaching inward and outward, Below and above.

      The essence is in her grace,
      The energy is in her taste.
      Memories of her beauty,
      My LOVE, Fills all voids in space.

      My creation is… Your beautiful.

      ~A Journey In A Lifetime

  • My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year now. Almost a month after we had started dating, he cheated on me once. We had not discussed exclusivity at that point, but I felt that the way we were together implied exclusivity. Long story short, I forgave him as I have witnessed his faithfulness on many occasions. Although I forgave, it has been very difficult for me to forget.

    Tonight I had a “hunch” that something might be happening and my intuition told me to drive by his house to see if his car was there. I drove by and saw nothing out of the ordinary. His car was in the driveway, but I immediately thought “what if he took the other car that’s in the garage?”

    I drove back home really wanting some sort of sign. A sign that I could either move on from these fears or that perhaps my persistant fear of him repeating the same act of betrayal so long ago is actually my gut telling me to get out while I still can.

    I got out of my car and a chirping/fluttering noise drew my attention to the rear of the car. I saw a fairly large grasshopper resting on my roof. I immediately wondered if this was my sign.

    Any thoughts on a possible meaning in this situation?

    • Andrea,

      I could give you any number of thoughts to the meaning of this situation. What good will that do you if a possibility from my perceptive can alter and change the path and/or events in your life if you choose to believe in them. Too many people direct their lives based on what other people think and/or feel. We try to understand ourselves by comparing our story to another. We ask questions hoping that someone else had a similar experience and can offer a solution to our challenges. What good does this do to the whole person?

      Every story is different as the person telling it. Unique and original I state this as “one of a kind.” It is your perspective and your story, and because this is your story you have left out major details.
      What could that be?
      His side to the story from his perspective which is just as important.

      From what I have read, it may mean you have some insecurity deriving from fear. You may have jealousy or even abandonment challenges due to your past. I do not know and I can not judge you nor ever know you fully. However, your gut feelings may be right…

      The best advice I can give you is to follow in the footsteps of the grasshopper. Move forward and continue the journey without expectations and attachment to any outcome. Enjoy your life right here and right now.

      “In the end everything is better. If nothing seems better, you are not at the end” ~ Unknown Author

      If you are unclear and/or uncertain about something with your partner, I would like to suggest to you, “grow a pair” and ask what is on your mind. Be clear with your questions as to get the full answers. At least you will know the answer and can then make a more wise decision. Uncertainty leads to making more assumptions. Assumptions will only continue to kill your relationship ultimately killing you spiritually. They do not hold the power of growth or the power of truth. They are very limiting and cause a very slow painful death.

      Transformation is a small big process. First it happens within you and second it happens outside in the physical. You call this “outside” reality and I call it the illusion.
      “Be careful what you wish for,” Andrea.

      I can see where your focus is, if you continue to focus your man seeing another woman… “YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND.” You get exactly what you’re pin-pointing the energy to. A magnifying glass in alignment with the sun, far enough away from a piece of paper, will not even draw a bit of smoke. Bring that magnifying glass closer to the paper generating a finer and more accurate focal point, you can burn a hole right through the paper easily. You’re focus is very much the same in kind as the magnifying glass.

      3 words
      Thoughts become things.

      Good or bad you always get what you put your focus to (as in, what you wish for). Remember your guardian’s & teachers words to you as a little girl… “You can be anything you want to be, just put your mind to it.” Ahh, the LAW OF THE UNIVERSE.


      PS. You will not just manifest your desires from thought alone. It takes a very important key ingredient which can be read here… Do you pray? What do you pray for?

  • I was at a NASCAR race today and had my jacket in a chair next to me. I looked over and a small grasshopper had landed there. It jut made me smile and seemed as if it was watching the race with me, he stayed there the whole time, I even “petted” his back! After seeing it there, I felt more relaxed about what’s been going on in my life and it is the following:

    I have been worrying all week about a job I applied and interviewed for which would involve a move to another state and a higher salary. I want this job VERY much as it is in a place where I and my spouse want to live. My husband HATES where we are living now and it’s caused us a lot of stress. I should find out tomorrow (Monday) if I got the job or not. I knew grasshoppers were supposed to be a good sign so could this be a sign about the job?

  • There’s this bright green grasshopper as I am writing this comment landed on my side of the bed twice, unsure what it really means I searched and came up with your Blog, now its landed on the wardrobe door, apparently like it does not want to leave. Maybe this is a good sign. I am enjoying your Blog. However accurate it is, I am not sure, but enjoying none the less.

  • Hello!

    I decided to google about a grasshopper and came across this site because last night I went to the store and parked my car and when I came back to my car, after getting in, I noticed that there was a green grasshopper sitting on my windshield right above me on the drivers side. It was as if it was saying “see me here”. Now I am terribly afraid of insects (most any kind and a grasshopper is a pretty big one! yikes!) so I fanned it away after looking at it for a little bit with the windshield wipers as I began to panic as a result of my fear (it is an overwhelming fear) even though it was on the outside. It did not die or anything but it simply hopped on.

    After driving away, I began to think about how this grasshopper could have possibly wound up on my car. I was parked in a more of an industrial lot facing a large wall. There was no grass around so it was very odd as it where it could have come from. I began to think if it came as some sort of sign and that is why I researching it as an “omen” of some sorts. Any ideas on grasshopper coming to you might represent?

  • I just wanted to add, after reading your initial blog on grasshoppers that I have been on a spiritual cleanse of some sorts since the beginning of summer. I have been throwing out old energy and removing any and all toxic people from my life. It has been very difficult for me over the years and I have finally decided to put ME first! I am a creative visual artist and writer and I am actually emerging on my dreams this fall. I guess you can say that grasshopper couldn’t have come at a more better time. It is nice to learn that some things may actually be coming together for me.

  • Well this was the best website I have visited today. I have this huge grasshopper on my plumbago. In my backyard I have three plumbago plants and one firecracker. One day I could see this big thing in it. As I didn’t know what it was I went over to check it out. I was so happy to see this grasshopper, just like yours. I take pictures of him almost everyday. Sometimes he leaves (to go shopping?) and comes back. I kind of/sort of knew that grasshoppers were good luck. I don’t know where that came from but regardless. I now found two green grasshoppers in another group of plants I have, they are smaller but so adorable. I love going out into my back yard and looking for new visitors. Let me know if you want me to send you a picture of my guy….maybe I should name him. I think I will call him John, lol! Thanks for the information, very interesting. ;}

  • When I was baby standing in a crib into a dark open room, which happened about 56 years ago. I can remember this event like it was it was an hour ago. Anyway, I’ve seen in the back room behind the first room directly in front of me a giant (approximately six feet in length, horizontal position) grasshopper. Years later, the possibility of maybe this an alien creature came to mind or I was just hallucinating. One day I share the experience with my older sister and she acknowledge the presence to that grasshopper also. Basically, she had witnessed the same thing, I have seen at the same time. Can you give your understanding and the meaning to this phenomena, I really would appreciate it.

  • Just wanna know what does it mean when you wake up to a grasshopper crawling up your leg in your bed?????

  • a grasshopper just entered my home i caught it and took it outside. I told my father and he said i shouldn’t have done that because it brings good fortune. So i looked it up and it took me to this website. Is bad that i got rid of the grasshopper and will i not get any good fortune anymore

  • NARAYAN...{sCreen Door}

    These times have been the hardest…
    These events in my life have come as pendulum sways…
    These feelings have come discouraged and despairingly…
    These days hold a hindrance like a creaking door…
    My life in the past two years
    has taken a dramatic turn, downwardly
    to a spiral. I have abused myself and
    reap the rewards. The more recent of
    events has caused my job{nashville zoo}
    to take me off the schedule and diminish
    my income. I have a back injury. The moment
    I heard music is the exact moment I fell
    in love. I have written for far too long
    to not be so good. I have schemed around
    for income, talking my way through one
    person and into another. This has gone on
    for far too long to be so bad. I call
    this back injury(that has corrupted my life)
    “Divine Intervention”;though I have always
    known Christ… It was not until this
    injury that I have finally submitted my
    will fully… My Life Is Saved…
    My room is so messy and concealed. As I
    walked in I saw Him on the floor, not a
    sound… Im ready to put my life and story
    out on a record…
    This is the time I have peace…
    This is the event that releases my joy…
    This is the feeling that we always are in search…
    This is the day that everything can change…

  • Last night I dreamt of a giant grasshopper. I had walked into this living room. It was on a dusty polyester curtain, that hung over a window. I was stunned by it’s size, it took up the whole window length. It was very flat, and very light/pale tan color. It almost blended with the color of the curtain. kind of marveled at it, as an exciting discovery! But was also a bit afraid of it’s size. After it appeared, it found it’s way to the other side of the curtain and opened the window and went outside. I went to the window to see it sitting outside in the open air, in the clear calm night, then it hopped away.

    I’m a dancer, who does not really dance anymore because I find all these excuses why I can’t. Im too old, (35), nothing will come of it anyway, people will laugh at me if I try to create something..I failed at it, i never became the dancer I should have been…blah blah blah. I’ve been a paid performer, a choreographer, and a teacher. And there are a lot of politics in the dance world, that I’m tired of. So I removed myself.

    But my heart is so incomplete without. It is something that gives me the most joy ever. Last night I was looking at different dance videos on youtube. Some of them, were bad, and some of them were impressive, and some inspiring. I finally realized I was tired of waiting for the conditions to be perfect for me to dance. I decided in the morning I would go down to the gym and use the group class space to dace, for fun! And to express my heart, like I used to way back when.

    Then I had that dream. I also dreamt of a golden parrot carrying a smaller raven on it’s back.

    The insight you gave about grasshoppers makes a lot of sense. If you have any other insights they’d be appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Angela in S.F., CA

  • p.s. I forgot to tell you I have a heartdream of creating my own original choreography, I envision it all the time, what my shows would look like, be like. I want to put on shows! But I have no idea how that will happen so I’ve sort of given up on it. Could that be the grasshopper symbolizing my dream that I am keeping hidden behind the window curtain….?

    One day I’d like it to be unveiled. :) But I’m afraid, and I don’t know where to start, since I’ve removed myself from the dance community.

    • Angela,

      Interesting to hear your story and I AM happy for you to say the most. Maybe this story will inspire you. Three years ago I dreamt of crossing the USA on a road trip from FL to CA. I didn’t know how I was going to do it exactly, but upon telling this to my friend in NYC, he made a bet with me that I wouldn’t do it by next year (2011). The begining of 2011 was a rough year for me. My nest egg was disappearing and I needed to earn a full time job to pay my bills. I was heading towards broke… By the end of June I applied to a restaurant 23 miles from where I lived. I chose this place because I knew my returns would be greater… it’s a wonderful place.

      On the first day of work my car broke down. I had no money to pay my bills and now my BMW 330i is broken. I managed to drive her home and rest her in the driveway. I opened my garage and noticed I had a bicycle which started to collect dust. I bought this bike when I first moved to Sarasota after foreclosing my home in Orlando, unfortunately I never really used it. However at this point in my life I looked at this bike as my new means of transportation.

      I would ride my bicycle to and from work six days a week and pulling doubles. The reason I worked so much in such a fancy place was the fact that I had no experience in the restaurant industry. I had to first work my way up to server starting with busboy. I would ride my bicycle for the next three months a total of 3,312 miles. During those night rides I would encounter obstacles over and over again. FLAT TIRES! And did I ever *think* of getting a repair kit? nope… So, some nights I cursed to the heavens asking why did this ever have to happen to me and what reason was it for.

      I only rode to work for three months because one day I decided I would follow my dream of road tripping the USA. This decision came to me at the worst time of my life because I was struggling financially. However, after I realized that this is what I was going to do, I felt it in my heart and soul, and everything worked it way out. The thought felt good and exciting to me because not only was I going to make my way across the USA from FL, but I was to do it by bicycle and climb Mt. Shasta!

      I left on Nov. 8 2011 and took to the road with only $300 in my pocket. In Texas I had two Surly touring bikes taken from me both estimating around $2,700. Stranded in a dry hot as hell state of West Texas, I worked for 3 months which I saved close to $1000, bought a plane ticket, and flew out to SF. I bought and assembled a bicycle in Fairfax and from there left to Mt. Shasta.

      On the 25th of September of 2012 I reached the top of Mt. Shasta successfully all by myself and sat on top of the world. Today I live in Fairfax CA and love the life of simplicity I live. It wasn’t for that journey I would have not grown in to the man I AM today. Not only to I own the clothingline this blog is attached to but I have sat on top of the world, crossed the entire country, met thousands of beautiful people, produced photography art along my way, and now I AM going to be attending The World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts in S.F. CA.

      Follow your dreams. One is never too young or too old to see all the greatness the journey has in store. You will achieve anything you most truly desire and wish for. I bless your heart and soul. Move to the rhythm of life and dance to your song.


      John Caruso CEO

  • After doing a large load of laundry and packing up my summer clothes to make room for my winter wardrobe, i made some dinner and put on some TV. After taking my dishes to the sink i came into my living room to see a very large grasshopper on the floor. It wasnt jumping at first even when i called my dog (who likes to kill any bugs th at get in the house) . When my dog came over and saw it she didnt want to attack it even though i made it seem like a game… Side note: i really hate bugs… Like pathetically. So then the grasshopper jumpped around a bit and i went to grab a glass thinking that i could catch it and throw it outside (i remember hearing that it can be bad luck to kill a grasshopper). I and then watched it jump into an empty duffle bag i had on the floor as i have been preparing a move, but when i kicked the bag for it tp jump back out, it wasnt there. My dog came back to defend me and tilted her head sideways as she didnt see it ei th er.

    So i decided to look up info on grasshoppers and came across your blog. Is the grasshopper still in the house? Who knows, but what i do know is that i have been seriously contemplating this move that i am supposed to make in two weeks and my landlord really wants me to stay here where i am. I love where i live but cant really afford it now that ive lost my job. Maybe the grasshopper jumping in my suitcase and then (practically) disappearing is a sign. Obviously to move.

  • Hello,

    Last month I was going to my car and seen a green grasshopper on my side mirror and got in my car and drove to my destination and it had stayed on my car. I immediate felt good ur alittle perplexed as to why the grasshopper stayed on my car. I felt they this was some sort of symbolic sign

    Yesterday I was getting into my car and found another grasshopper on my side rearview mirror. This grasshopper had a yellow strip and yelled eyes. I felt that it was looking directly at me. ;)
    Again. It stayed on my car until I arrived at my destination. Very cool.

    Not quite sure what to make of it.? I just transferred within my company and wanting to move.
    Also wanting to go back to school. Definitely need to go forward. The grasshopper definitely gave
    Me a great sense of going forward. It was just looking at me so I was talking to it. Good vibes. ;)

  • Hi


    I was recently planning to quit my job and start something wherein I can earn on my own. The reasons being too big to describe but my struggles were beyond any explanation too, as I am tired to do so.

    Since last 4 days I have been sighting Grasshoppers. My wife first spotted it in our kitchen. She being a natural negative thinker, put me to unnecessary bad omen indication due to its appearance at home. Not able to bear her torture, I picked it up and threw in some safe place.

    After 1 day, again my wife spotted it in my small garden in our balcony and alerted me. I then again picked it up and threw into some bushes.

    Surprisingly the Grasshopper appeared to me today when I boarded my friend’s car in a thick traffic zone. He screamed at it and put off the lights in the car stating that it will not go out if the lights were on. However one of my colleague tried to forcefully push it out but it again came back into the car.

    Not sure whether it is a good omen or bad omen but I LOVE IT. It was so beautiful and was very much looking at me.

    After these incidents, when I returned home, I starting thinking on it and googled. Surprisingly I am finding many such incidents happened to others.

    Then I went to my balcony and searched for my guest / friend. I did not find it. Tears came from my ears for my wrong doing. I wish I sight my friend/guest/good-omen once again and wish it safe, secure and no danger outside. If it is coming to my home, I will rear it.

  • don’t want to lose my friend John. I do understand moving forward and on to new things. stay in touch. meriel Barber

  • This is a great site..
    Does anyone know if seeing an injured grasshopper means anything different from all other meanings i have read about?

  • I have noticed that recently I have been noticing a green grasshoper quite frequently. Looking at photos online it looks more like the bush cricket, but im not sure. A few weeks ago there was one on top of my car after a long day of class. I wanted to move it by blowing it off my car. It chased me around my car. about a month ago there was one at my job, seeming to just be sitting next to me watching. Yesterday I was entering my house and there was one by my door. Today I came home from class and there was one in the kitchen, it seemed to be staring. I disregarded it made a snack, and noticed it on the wall in the dining room staring. Freaked out I killed it, and swept it outside. :( i feel bad, but i was freaked out by the bug. what does all this mean? and did I cause anything by killing it?

  • Aloha! Just had to share after reading everyone’s entries, mahalo for sharing. My experience today with a green (baby) grasshopper was so obviously positioned, that I had to pay attention to its presence. For about 6 months or so I’ve been noticing many grasshoppers around me at my desk @ home, where I do life changing research… How they get into the house I have no idea! It doesn’t bother me per say, but we shush them out because that’s where they live… Sometimes, when we chase them out to the deck where our huge American pit bull (tame as a bunny) is, even he doesn’t hurt them…he doesn’t smash them, he just plays with them with his nose, until they jump away. Many evenings I see one or two on the screen window just outside of where I am working on my research. Sometimes, I have several in the room that I am working in, positioned in two or three of the corners where I am working. We, (my husband and I) sometimes releases them to the deck only to see a couple more on the screen! I GOT IT, I UNDERSTAND!
    This morning I sensed that I was about to feel ill… After church, we went to our regular place for brunch, only to abruptly leave (due to a physical strain coming upon me) changed our meal to tak-out and immediately left. Arrived home still feeling like no this will pass, but felt safe and more comfortable to be home. Ate lunch, prepared for a family barbque… Cleaned the kitchen and then the storm of illness came upon me! It was what happened after I got so sick and went to my room to find comfort that led to this sharing! As my family enjoyed each other in my absence I found all the way in the back of our home, in our bedroom, next to my bed, near my nightstand, a baby grasshopper!!! This is when I needed to pay attention to why I am surrounded by grasshoppers! Feeling some physical, manageable comfort in bed, while family enjoying one another… I picked up my iPad and goggled “any spiritual significance to grasshoppers” ? In the Hawaiian language we call it “hoailona(s)”… Spiritual symbols!!! It boggles my mind how it got into my bedroom… But I see and understand now, I accept and I will respond with Aloha! It’s definition or symbolic meaning of their existence comes at a time when I had a missing piece in my research and application! It is through this physical experience that I have found confirmation, discernment and understanding! Even as I sit here in bed recovering…I am feeling strength through the discovery and of the discernment shared by my new ohana (family), the grasshoppers! I had to become temporarily I’ll to recognize the sign/symbols that surround me! I see, I understand, I accept and I will “malama”(take care)… Now I can’t wait to finish this entry to research what our Hawaiian word for grasshopper is! Mahalo (thank you) for allowing me to share with you this day!

  • My dad hasn’t been able to walk for a year now. He lost feeling from waist down. He’s been living in a nursing home. In and out of hospitals throughout the year. He was a full time chef. Hard worker. And one day lost his feeling to his legs.
    Tonight I had just visited him at the hospital. As I was leaving. Heading to my car I saw a very green grasshopper on the roof of my car right by the driver side door. It didn’t hit me until later that it might’ve been a sign. Especially reading this article. It definitely is giving me some sort of hope for my dad. So I just wanted to share this.

  • I was just lying on my bed when I looked up and saw a green grasshopper just sitting on the wall. I was wondering if this means anything considering the fact that there’s no way it could have came in my room and it hasn’t moved for the past 2 hours since I noticed it.

  • I was researching what it meant to have the presence of a grasshopper in your life today and I came across this page as well. The reasoning behind me looking it up was because I had brought an older friend of mine over to my apartment, to see it for the first time, and a grasshopper landed on my windshield and refused to move. Her and I were laughing because I was even tapping on the glass to try and see if it’d move, but it didn’t. After coming back downstairs, as we approached the car, it was in the same place, but then had jumped to the back end of the car and sat there as we both got in. Recently, I was offered a new position at a different place for a second job and I had told the owner of my current second job, that it was my last week with them and he has been begging me to stay, saying whatever he thinks would get me to change my mind. I was really torn in this decision, even though I had orientation last night at the new job because I am a server at this said job and I make tips everyday that I do work (which I’m extremely in need of all the money that I can make at this point and time), so I was stressed thinking that I’d be missing out on that money, when I’m in training and don’t get my first check from my new job for 3 weeks. After reading up on the symbolic meaning of the grasshopper, I am partially confused on what this means for me. I am not thinking of moving anytime soon, I’m in a great relationship where we talk about marriage and having kids when we’re finacially stable, and I just don’t see what this would mean for my whole job situation. Any thoughts from anyone; Any feedback of any kind would be EXTREMELY appreciated. Have a blessed day everyone and happy holidays!

  • A small green grasshopper came to my house today and hopping around, but most of the time I spotted it at the wall. My business is bad these past few years. Will it bring good fortune?

  • Hi just a few minutes ago I was fixing my curtin up when a light brown with black stripes grasshopper jump towards my son ran away but I live in the second floor of a apartment complex so I started researching if it had a meaning and my 4yr old son seen it again he got scared through a shoe at it killed it is this bad?

  • I looked up the meaning of grasshoppers after the strangest(and one of the few dreams I’ve had that seemed “real”) dream I had a few nights ago of a grasshopper hoping in my bed into my hair(it was a little “too” real for me and it freaked me out since I’ve only seen them once in real life.) However knowing what they represent it makes it a little less strange, and at least gives me a reason I might have dreamt it.

  • My cat keeps leaving black dead grasshoppers at my front door what does this mean?

  • It jumped away so it was alive :) must not have been the cat

  • This is fantastic news since we have been wanting to move but we never do because we are too worried its the wrong thing to do, this is now reassuring us its the right thing!!

  • I found a brown grasshopper in my living room after I finished praying about a situation at work. I have seen green ones before, but never a brown. After I turned off the light and went to bed, I found it in my bedroom and it has been there for 2days now. I almost feel like it follows me from room to room…..

  • I found a brown grasshoper In my bedroom making a vibrating noise.When I try to take it out it dissapering, in a minutes its on top of my bed.

  • So, i’m an exameene, who is taking the last board exam of his life! This exam is very importent for me, as i’ve studied for it for 2years!
    I have the exam schedual stick to the wall, and waiting for the last exam.. This subject is very hard so i’m feeling kinda insecure..i finished studiying and looked at the schedual, there was a really beautiful green grasshopper on it.. And the grasshopper was sitting on the last exam’s log!!! I took some photos of it, then went online to take a quick learning about this thing, found you’re blog.. You’re writting just happened to be so peaceful that i was very much relaxed about the exam..
    I’m gonna take the leap of faith as the hardle comes..and wish for luck! :)

  • I find a grasshopper at least once a day inside my house! Just this morning i killed one. I dont know how they keep getting in. Now i feel bad for squishing them : ( Their message fits perfectly in my life right now.Loud and Clear.

  • just a few minutes ago i was walking up my daughters walkway and a grasshopper hopped on my shoulder i screamed because it scared me what is the meaning of that. Thank You and God Bless You!

  • Hello,

    I found your site while researching grasshopper symbolism and I’d love your input. I too have had experience with grasshopper wisdom in the past in connection with my life changes. Currently I am in the process of great personal change as well as professional changes. Basically, I sense great change in my life. This morning I woke up to find another grasshopper on the kitchen floor. At first I got excited by its presence as I consider it a sign however I then noticed that it was unable to hop or move… I suppose a leg was broken. This is the second recent incident and so I’m thrown off on how to interpret that. Does that matter? I can’t quite make it out for myself. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you :)

  • Over the past few days My fiancé and I have walked into our bedroom to find a grasshopper waiting to greet us. I swear it was is the same one but he says they don’t have a very long lifespan so chances are it is not. The first time we saw him he was in the middle of our bedroom door. He was captured unharmed and released outside where he continued to linger for a day or so. Then, a few days pass and nothing. Last night we enter our bedroom and THERE HE IS! This time on our bed. The grasshopper is very large and we have been scratching our heads at how he would have even gotten inside (we never see bugs in the house). I consider myself spiritual and feel that while not all things are “signs”, I do believe that if something makes itself seen to you and especially more than once, and it leaves you feeling like it means something more… trust your gut, it usually does. Now, if I could only figure out WHY we continue to get this omen and WHAT is it trying to say……

  • Just today i saw a grasshopper on my window. I live in a hostel and it was on my side window. Also, some days back a grasshopper landed on me in the mess hall twice at different times! And after today’s incident my friend asked me “Why is it that grasshopper’s keep following you?”. Then is when i realized how true she was.

    I recently had a break up and have been finding it very hard to move on. I am really falling apart. After reading your above information, i guess what happened should be good for me and i should just let go of my past.

    I hope my going is for the better.


  • Hello. Glad to see this here. OK, so about a week ago, I walked onto my balcony (I live on the 6th floor of a 13 story high rise), and a creature flew over the top of my shoulder and landed about 5′ away from my on my balcony. I saw it was a grasshopper, and I was like waw, how’d he get up here. So I go about my business, and come out later and notice he is in one of my plants (I have 2 pots of flowers there.) A friend of mine came over the following weekend, and I told her about him…we left and came back and he was on the balcony wall, about half-way up it, and right in front of us, climbs back down and sits facing us on the edge of the flower pot, just like he’s looking at us, chillin’. We talked a lot and looked up his meaning as a symbol/omen, and both felt good about it. I had recently almost broken up w/my bf, and decided to stick w/it, and felt he was telling me to have faith and step into the future and trust it/life. Anyway, a week has passed and he’s decided to take up residence in my flowers (and is eating them too). He can clearly easily leave, but hasn’t. IDK what to think now, I mean, I don’t want my flowers to die, but I also don’t want to shew him away because I think he will leave when he’s ready. It’s just so random he came all the way up to my floor. I know he can fly/climb too! Should I just let him do his thing? Thanks for reading and for any input. :)

  • P.S. I also have an opening between the joints of my balcony walls which he could easily leave thru as well.

  • hi for the past days I been seeing grasshoppers idk its like they following me I se them at work most of the time but I went to another store to work andi see it right now the door hasn’t rly been opening how weired I need to know what it means so far its says its good luck :)

  • Hi,
    its was almost 1 AM, after I’ve taken a shower, i was getting ready to sleep, I’m about to turn off my lights when i spy a medium size BLACK GRASSHOPPER. I don’t know if its male or femalr but it doesn’t make any noise at all. I have an extreme phobia to arthropods especially grasshoppers i wanted to scream and was about to pass out. I haven’t seen a grasshopper of any kind/color etc. in a long time, i only hear them outside, but never have i seen them inside my house, in particular my room. Im battling with this grasshopper as im trying to chase it to keep in box, bc personally im too chicken to kill it. After an hour of battling finally it stays put and is inside a tube, during the whole time it doesn’t make any noise, i was worried that it was going to jump on me thank god, it was a quiet, calm, black grasshopper.

    I always hated grasshoppers, and never knew about its symbolism. Im too scared to kill it but definitely don’t want them near me, i have extreme panic attack and get very very nervous.

    Aside from what I’ve read, its positive reinforcement, do you have any idea what this kind of grasshopper (calm,quiet, medium size black grasshopper) symbolize?

  • Hi my name is Melim going through a rough time right now I’m stuck on a exam I need to pass for my carrier my axam is literally in a week …. tonight I was siting in my balcony I grasshopper jumped in front of me out of no where I got scared and I killed it I fell really bad u think that’s bad luck or what do u think that grasshopper coming to me meant

  • I was living in a city in Rhode Island just packed up and moved down to almost the middle of no where into my moms small home. i have been manifesting my own place in this area and to my surprise a small apartment will be opening up in a few months. and the last 3 days I seem to he acquired a little grasshopper friend. I have been dealing with a lot of challenges that’ have been coming with being able to move in to tht apartment and I just realized as I look at my little friend this morning with the issues regurding moving that it is a sign that yes there is a move forward for me and that all the challenges that are in front of me will soon be conquered. It was a very joyful exciting feeling realizing this little friend of mine was sending me a good sign.

  • Thank you so much for this post. I was very anxious about getting some bills paid..I walked out of my front door this morning and there was a light green grasshopper sitting on the frame of my front door…It scared me initially, I returned from sitting the trash out, it was still sitting..I did not want it to come into the house, so I gti the broom and just knocked him away. did not see him hit or fall or jump away, it simply disappeared. I came in and immediately looked to see what kind of omen seeing a frasshopper represented. I was so pleased to read what you had written. I made the necessary phone calls to my creditors and was able to move them all out eliminating me having to get a payday loan that still would not hav paid them all. After paying the one left, leaves me enough money to live until more monies are received. I realize now my life has expanded (LOA) and I need to catch up to it and get my stuff. Praise ye the Lord, for he is good and merciful and awesome!!Thanks again!!

  • Today: a grasshopper jumped right into my water glass, I was terrified! I didn’t know what it was! But my inmediate reaction was taking him out of the iced water so he wouldn’t drown, I was with a friend in a restaurant and he mentioned it was a good sign but didn’t know why, yesterday I found out I’m pregnant and felt a little “affraid” with the news and also a little confused, do you think this has any connection with that!? Thank you! :)

  • hi i was filling out an apartment form and under last residence i started thinking of my old apartment where i lived with my ex which was an unhealthy relationship and we also had crickets infested in the building which i hated seeing and it gives me the creeps thinking about it. but also the very unhealthy relationship then i seen something on the corner of my eye and there it was a grasshopper i immediately jumped and threw my notepad on to kill it. i think i did. but while i was cooking on the way back i seen it again and slammed a shoe on it. cause it was such a reflex i got scared and flashbacks of my old apartment and also my last horrible relationship. i feel bad that i killed it. but also hope if it is a good omen, i hope i didnt screw it up. but please tell me asap what it means. thank u

  • I am very moved by all of the experiences posted in this blog. Last night, a very loud grass hopper woke my two year old son out of his sleep. Throughout the night, it would alternate chirping on my windowsill, trying to get in through the air conditioning, and then at the bottom of my front door. I automatically felt that a psiritual meaning was behind it and that it felt positive. On my lunch break this afternoon, another flew close to me, and faced me. This is such a unique experience in my life that I am very greatful for. Thank you all for sharing, and God Bless~!

  • i don’t see this exact cricket but i been seeing these giant as heck crickets, i’ve seen bout 3-4 of them now, each time i kill them but i haven’t noticed anything different so it hasn’t really bothered me

  • Hello
    Few weeks ago when i was drive car i saw grasshopper at my side mirror and in the time i coulnt stop but he was still there over 100 km when im back to my home he was still there i took him and i put on some three. And after one day i was forgeting about him and drives car again i saw him in same place again and i did the same. And over 1 week few days ago i saw him in my house. he is walking around now im sure its same. what is the meaning of it he is still living in here :) thanks.

  • I have had 2 green grasshoppers that appeared to me while I was studying for a very important upcoming exam. The first was rather small and a friend killed it for me and I did not make much sense out of it. Today I just killed a 15cm long green grasshopper that was on my kitchen wall. I live in an apartment on 3rd floor and it was kinda strange for the grasshopper to appear. I was hesitant about killing it, as I just want the grasshopper to be outta my house, but it was too huge and I got freaked out about it, so I just squashed it. So am I gonna get cursed with bad luck or something? Cause I didn’t knew the signifance of grasshopper until I felt horrible about killing something so huge and green. Any comments??

  • For some reason last night when me and my children arrived home we noticed a green grasshopper on the ceiling.. I had no idea how long its been there for the evening.. what does this mean???


  • I have never had a grasshopper enter my house before, last night it was on the ceiling and this morning it was gone, I believe it is some place in the house because I closed all the windows last night, lets see if it will show up tonight. waiting for my blessing.lets see what it brings.

  • Thank you for sharing this knowledge…for a long time 3 green grass hopper were constantly residing in my room n then they vanished for about few months..for the past few days i have noticed one againnin my room.he never leaves my room.n i wonder how he manages to live as there is no way he would find his fud in my room…but i feel good seeing him.n when i enjoy the sound he makes,feels like he is taking to me.i don’t feel lonely when he is here. :-)

  • My mother just moved to California 5 months ago after being in an abusive relationship. Yesterday there was a grasshopper in her room at her assisted living facility. I’m so scared of insects, but couldn’t kill it. I caught it in a cup and brought it down the hall about 100 feet to release it. We saw it later on in that hallway climbing up the wall and were relieved. This morning, mom woke up and found the grasshopper dead on her doorstep!!! She was upset…and so am I. What does this mean??

  • I have had this gorgeous green grasshopper around my home for the last 3 months, my daughters and I have called him “leaf man” he has flown away we set him free to be kind to nature, and each day he turns up, my daughters made him a home for comfort, in which he still survived, he has been around for the months b4 Xmas, amazingly Xmas day my daughters bday 29 dec and now after Xmas,

    we have found him in our home in the kitchen chilling out, on my hubby’s trophy and bourbon bottle,
    jumped on our family photo, we put him outside as we thought its best,

    now he somehow made his way back inside the house in my bedroom, we are moving house and are not confident in the next phase or if it’s the best.

    as some family are opposed to our decisions less supportive.

    As a family we have been through tough times and my inlaws are less than supportive with anything I / we do – 3 months this grasshopper has been around, as I type he is in my room chilling on the bedroom wall – I’m spiritual myself but 3 months of my little leaf man is not just a meaning, I cannot deny there is a message and a strong one, a cute encounter is special but 3 months – must be a strong message – if not he is gorgeous and has made himself at home I’ll take him if he wants to our new home.

    Signs happen, but I believe 3 months is either a strong sign or msg, our family has been stuck with moving forward, changes, decisions, for 4 yrs – our leaf man strongly must be saying enough fear, it’s time – any other thoughts I’d love to hear, also had a cockatoo visit twice today white friendly, and a dove Xmas day chilling all day and Boxing Day !!!

    A while ago I had a dream.I was at my old unit and I was on the veranda,I had a green grasshopper and I set it free and leaped to the next apartment veranda.What does it mean a leap to a new beginig.I think the dream was on new year.

  • I have been in a relationship for 15 months. The last couple months our relationship has been on and off. The first time we split he had fears and couldn’t commit. After our short time apart he decided he wanted to commit and get married. I am feeling unsure about committing. I had decided to break up and move forward and date others. This has been a hard decision. I am having a hard time letting him go. I am now being unfair to him and sending him mixed messages. It’s because I am so confused. I feel horrible putting him through this. I either need to be in this 100%, or get out.
    I am a spiritual person. I have been praying for answers. For God to help me to know the best path. To marry him, or move on.
    I had a dream two nights ago. As I was sleeping in my dream a grasshopper jumped on me in bed. It scared me because bugs creep me out. I tried to swipe the grasshopper off me, but it was painful. I felt physical discomfort. So, I left it there and continued sleeping. When I woke up I remembered the dream.
    I posted something on Facebook about my weird dream about a grasshopper. Just thinking it was funny. And somebody told me there was a symbolism about a grasshopper. So that is why I started investigating what it could mean. I found it very interesting. But I don’t know if it means that I should go for this relationship with a leap of faith, or if it means I need to put it behind me and start fresh and move forward.
    What is your interpretation?

  • PS. When the grasshopper jumped on me, it was as if it was embedded into my lower back or hip area.
    It hurt to remove it. So, I left it there.

  • Hi I just killed a grasshopper by spraying it with baygon I wasn’t my fault really cause I’m scared of them well it’s been in my room for 2 days on my wall so I killed it was it bad what I did? Do this mean something?

  • This page was amazing to read. Just today my partner decided to separate from me
    Although I was devastated by the breaking news I also knew it’d eventually happen as things hadn’t been feeling right for a while. I was outside praying to the stars and had hand written a letter to my (now) ex to say I understood his decision and would let him go. I concluded it by writing ‘I release you back into the universe’ and with a quiet prayer I burnt it on a bed of flowers. This has been a ritual for me in moving on from break ups and one a psychic recommend i try as once the paper disolves into the flowers and you water it the universe takes back your pain and releases the tension from inside. This one particular night after I finished the ritual I felt crossed in a wave of feeling free but lonely and afraid of what would next for me.. I went to go back inside and a massive grasshopper followed me . I was shocked at first but if it was considered a good omen then I take it as a sign that my choice to release my ex so quickly after a break up was a good one. This gives me faith that eventhough I’m sad and will always think and feel for this man, I will heal well and move forward with ease.

    So thank you for this site. :-) x

  • I need to ask if someone know about dreams… I am going through very hard times in my life, yesterday i had a dream where i was with my husband at a mall it appeared
    And all of a sudden a lot of hyenas came running at me and smelling me i remember i touched one but i was afraid more than happy… My husband would tell me to play with them but i was very afraid since it didnt inspire good things in my dreams. Later on i remember seeing a cheetah almost as if it was asking me to follow her, i dont know why but i knew it was a female… I ended up in a bathroom it seemed dirty and old my husband was looking at me and a thousand of grasshoppers start jumping at me i was terrified since i hate insects, and my husband was just laughing at me.
    Does anyone know its meaning???

  • When I went to buy a car with bad credit and low down I knew I would had to come up with way more money than what I had, but to finish my lunch break I went in their just to see my credit score knowing I will not get the car. Now this is in van Nuys California, this is a state of the art car dealerships. Pave grown no dirt nor grass, now after checking my credit they wanted 5 grand down. Then something happen the car I wanted out of no where, I notice a grasshopper on the middle top part of the hood, when we made eye contact something strange happen that I don’t know how to explained I knew or it felt that the grass hopper is their to help me. To my surprise I got the car that day with the very amount I had on me to put down. That grass hopper stayed on that car until I got the keys in my hand ready to drive off, before I got in car I look for it no where to be found. That stayed with me 4 years pass by, and I decided to go outside the box and get closer with the lord, their is more to God than just going to church every sunday, so I am going on my journey outside the box to really getting closer to the Lord to actually see into the spiritual world. So I then as part of my study decided to search on line what is grasshopper from a religious view then I came across this site and only make my faith in God stronger, is the grasshopper a tool used by Jesus, I think the answer is yes.

  • I have had different green crickets visit me. They tend to jump on my car and when I get home and stop the car they jump off and try to enter my home. On a few occasions I actually let them into my home and what happens is astonishing, it dies and then after one day after it’s death one will replace it. This has happened for approximately 9 years. I don’t know the meaning and till this ver day September 2014 they follow me or show up. I wish I knew the meaning, however I have just accepted no matter what I do they will appear wether I like them or no. At first I hated it but now however I have accepted that they have become apart of my life…. I just don’t know why. Any answers what so ever would be help for.


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