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Chakra Breathing Technique ~ Pranayama (relaxing)

Deep Breathing

Today I will be covering Chakra breathing techniques so you can activate your Chakra’s and benefit from the Universal energy which will also change your vibrational level affecting the electromagnetism within. Now by taking a deep breath into your lungs, you start draw in the universal energy that is also referred to as chi, prana, or spirit energy in other cultures. This is true energy which exists everywhere from in the air, to the tree’s, the rock’s, all over the Earth, and even in the water.


FIRST make sure your sitting in a comfortable upright position. This can be an Indian style or in a chair with your palms resting on your lap, shoes off, and body erect. You can have your chin tucked in slightly to make it more comfortable but keep you spine straight. Keeping your spine straight is most important for this exercise.

Begin by taking a deep breath through your nose and expand your belly as you breath in. Feel your chest expand as you draw in the air that contains the universal energy. By doing this it allows the heart chakra to open up slightly. Hold your breath for about five seconds. By holding your breath for this short time, you allow the Universal Energy that is in your lungs to affect your whole body by recharging your circulatory system.  This chi energy will then work its way through your whole being thus making your aura field expand. At this point you should feel more relaxed and centered.

After the 5 seconds of holding your breath, release it slowly and evenly through your mouth. Wait a moment and then repeat the above steps 2 more times in a slow even manner. Just by doing this exercise a total of three times has the greatest effect on your body and aura. After completing this exercise just relax for a few moments, and let your thoughts wander a bit.


When you are ready, take another deep breath through your nose, but this time draw the breath deep down inside into your diaphragm. Concentrate on your solar plexus as you breath in, and you will feel this area rising if you are doing the technique correctly. Hold your breath for five seconds and this will draw the universal energy into the solar plexus activating your center slightly. Evenly release your breath through your open mouth and repeat this technique 2 more times and just let yourself relax. Allow your thoughts to drift and wander.

Breathing Exercise

Pranayama (“Breath Control”)

Pranayama helps to burn out the toxins which were released into the blood stream by asanas. Just as asanas give us control over the physical body, the pranayama helps us to gain control over prana (A.K.A CHI, UNIVERSAL ENERGY),  and ultimately control over the mind.

Deep Breathing:


Sit with an upright posture with the spine erect. Inhale slowly, expanding first the abdomen, then the lower chest, and then the upper chest until the collar bones rise. Then begin exhaling by allowing the collar bones to droop, then contract the chest and the abdomen. The breath should be one continuous flow throughout the practice.


This way of breathing utilizes the full capacity of the lungs and enables you to inhale about 7 times more oxygen than normal shallow breathing which almost all of us do. This can be practiced anytime during the day, and is extremely effective in calming intense emotions and lowering stress/anxiety.

Skull Shining:


This is a rapid diaphragmatic breath, snapping the abdomen in on the exhale. The inhale happens passively, by relaxing the abdomen to allow the breath to return. Have about 15 expulsions in a rapid succession, then exhale deeply and return the breath to normal. Start with 3 rounds each day and gradually increase the number of expulsions per round and number of rounds.


Raises energy in the system, making you alert, stimulates blood circulation, burns impurities and cleanses the nerves in the skull.

Nerve Purification:


This is alternate nostril breathing. Make a gentle fist with the right hand. Extend the last two fingers and the thumb, and draw the hand up to the face. Block the right nostril with the thumb. Exhale through the left nostril, inhale through the left nostril and then switch nostrils. Continue that pattern, exhale, inhale, switch nostrils. When you get familiar with this, incorporate DEEP BREATHING, and being to count the lenghts of the inhales and exhales, eventually making the exhale twice as long as the inhale.


Alternate nostril breathing helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Whereas SKULL SHINING raises energy, NERVE PURIFICATION balances the energy. Excellent preparation for meditation. Calms and quiets the mind, and cleanses the nervous system.

Enjoy your day in all that you do =) Love, Light, Peace, & Happiness,



  • Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?


    • I’m familiar with the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) because of Dr. Wayne Dyer and his practice with it. I thank you for this link because I’ve been looking for an free E-book and now it is found. Thank you very much. =) Namaste

  • Recently I heard about chakra breathing techniques as efficient ways to work with our chakras but I did not know how to perform this type of exercise. Now I see it’s simple enough to be practiced by anyone. Thanks for the info.

    • Olga,
      Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog. I look forward to more responses or maybe even a post from you =). Have a great day!

  • Hi,
    thanks for the warm welcome, as well as for the guest post invitation :). I would be honored to do so, and I’ll contact you soon. Thanks again, have a great day you too!

  • Could you let me know what is the perfect breathing technique for personal magnetism. if visualization is required let me know. thank you

    • I AM sorry but I do not have an answer for this in the technique you are searching for. I believe raising your energy and cleansing your Aura will bring about more personal magnetism, however, personal magnetism can be brought out of you by reading the book… The Master Key by Charles F. Hannel. In order to attain personal magnetism, one would have to develop that type of consciousness. There is no beating around the bush on this one.

      Enjoy in Joy

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